Our Team

We are a team of designers, engineers, and business professionals brought together as a family by Aabix. Our team is primarly made up of Cornell students including undergraduates and current MBA students. 

We come from a wide variety of ethnicities and nationalities ranging from India to Haiti. 

Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to their role and is passionate about the Aabix vision. If you think you would make a good fit, reach out! We are always actively looking to grow our team. 

Leadership Members


Scott Burke is an Executive MBA candidate at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and a professionally licensed mechanical engineer in the state of New York. Prior to designing ductwork and plumbing systems, Scott designed payload aircrafts on a NASA funded project called MARSLIFE. During his leisure time, Scott enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and young daughter.

Scott L. Burke,

Founder and CEO

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Jeremy Mathurin is an MBA candidate at Cornell’s Johnson School of Business, with a focus on digital transformation and tech strategy. Prior to attending graduate school, Jeremy spent 4.5 years at Deloitte Consulting, supporting government/public sector clients within the Robotics & Intelligent Automation (R&IA) practice. Jeremy enjoys weight lifting, watching/playing sports (Basketball, Football, Rugby, Soccer), and writing/performing spoken word poetry.

Jeremy Mathurin,

Chief Business Officer


Michael Benton is a Communications fellow at the Environmental Policy Innovation Center, and also works as an organizer and community manager with local and national campaigns. After graduating from LSU, Michael worked as a project manager in the disaster recovery field in the Caribbean following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Michael enjoys sketching, hiking, cooking and camping.

Michael Benton,

Chief Relationship Officer


William Salcedo is a second year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Cornell University. William has a background in embedded systems design and power systems from work on the Cornell Autonomous Sail Boat Team. He is most interested in machine learning computing, particularly when applied to finance and risk analysis. Outside of work, William enjoys marching trumpet in the Cornell band, playing chess, and reading business books.

William Salcedo,

Chief Product Officer


Kushagra Jain is a second year Information Science and Economics double major. He’s had experience in project management, engineering and entrepreneurship. He's built web and mobile apps in the past and worked with Cisco Systems Inc in India. At Cornell, Kushagra is a Dean’s research scholar, a Milstein scholar and a member of a consulting club and business fraternity. In his spare time, Kushagra enjoys strength training as well as playing and following soccer.

Kushagra Jain,

Chief Technical Officer

Our Team


Evelyn Oh is a second year Economics and Information Science major, minoring in Human Development at Cornell University. Her interests lie in behavioral economics, specifically understanding consumer behavior through the lens of behavioral economics. On campus she is the publicity chair for the Korean American Student Association, a member of the Alpha Iota Gamma pre-health fraternity, and a member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority.

Evelyn Oh,

Human Resources Director


Suketh Subramanya is a senior Electronic Systems Engineering student at Texas A&M University with a minor in Business. His interests include basketball, debate, and the automotive industry. Suketh was involved in the A&M Mock Trial Team and the Policy Debate Team. Aside from school, he is also an ASE certified mechanic with over 300 hours of BMW service experience. Suketh plans to work in an electrical engineering field in the hardware design/production capacity.      

Suketh Subramanya,

Lead Embedded Hardware Engineer


Jeffrey Shen is a second year Bio Engineering major at Cornell University. He is interested in entrepreneurship and the cross section between healthcare and technology. He has experience with a variety of startups, and has worked on the supply chain and business development side of those companies. He loves to play soccer and travel in his free time. 

Jeffrey Shen,

UI/UX Customer Experience Manager


Kelly Chen is a first year student studying Computer Science at Cornell University. She is interested in software engineering and data science. In addition, she has an interest in arts and design, specifically digital drawing. During free time, Kelly loves drawing, listening to music, and cooking.

Kelly Chen,

Design Lead


Alex Weiss is a first year Information Science major at Cornell University. He is interested in the intersection of business and technology, and is a member of the professional fraternity Pi Sigma Epsilon. Alex has been on the Dean's List for every semester he has been at Cornell. Outside of work, Alex loves playing the guitar, running, and weightlifting.

Alex Weiss,

Product Manager


Robin Zheng is a third year Computer Science and Mathematics student at Cornell University. His interests lie in various fields of CS specifically software engineering, web development, and data science. He has industrial and academic experience with machine learning techniques, cloud computing, and full stack development. Outside of work, Robin enjoys watching sports, gaming, and cooking/baking in the kitchen.

Robin Zheng,

Full-Stack Developer


Alexander Jung is a second year Computer Science major, minoring in Business. Alex has experience in back-end and front-end web development through clubs he is a part of at Cornell. As part of the Cornell Course Management website team he works on re-structuring code on the back-end of the website. Alex has been on the Dean’s List all semesters it was announced. When not working, Alex likes to play and watch soccer, as well as go hiking with friends.

Alex Jung,

Lead Full-Stack Dev

Ian Shen-Costello.jpg

Ian Shen-Costello is a junior at Cornell University studying Environmental Engineering. He is passionate about sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change. Ian has experience working as an engineer for both the EPA and a green building consulting firm. In this free time, he enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and cycling.

Ian Shen-Costello,
Environmental Engineer


Patrick Bem is a recent graduate of Cornell University. Having majored in Mechanical Engineering he is interested in using his skills to work in product development. In addition, Patrick will be attending Carnegie Mellon for grad school starting the fall of 2021, and will be pursuing a dual degree in product development and engineering innovation management. He enjoys playing instruments and hiking in his free time.

Patrick Bem,
Mechanical Engineer

Headshot 1.jpg

Julia VanPutte is a sophomore at Cornell University studying Operations Research and Engineering with a minor in business. She is from Greenville, SC, and is passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and sustainable solutions. Julia has experience with supply chain and operations management through industrial engineering and manufacturing at Roechling Automotive in South Carolina. In her free time, she loves to hike, swim, and find new spots to watch Ithaca sunsets.

Julia VanPutte,
Supply Chain and
Operations Manager